Bhaskaracharya Research Institute

Bhaskaracharya Research Institute is a recognized institute registered under the Society and Trust Act. The institute is also recognized by North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon .

The institute was established in 1991 as a mastermind of one of the eminent Principal of this area, Principal N. K. Patil who retired as Principal of Jai Hind College the same year.

The thust area of the institute is to work on Education, Environment and Energy as these are the priority area recognized by the country. Since beginning the institute has taken up activities related to the thust area.

The staff of the institute is drawn through the Honorary work culture. The institute has a Honorary Director. He is supported by others who are giving their time and services . Many of the retired teachers also help the Institute and they have extended all the support needed to run the activities.

As of today the institute runs a School and staff employed also work for the welfare of the institute.

With growing use of technology the students of minor age are getting adapted to such gadgets without knowing their proper use. To make these students more mature in using such gadgets there is need to have innovative educational interventions.

We need to understand that education assists in identifying , developing and managing the process of life growth. The fundamental requirement to achieve this is to make teenagers capable of taking decision and solving problems.

This needs development of competencies through conducting the workshop / training and orientations programs for the students, teachers and parents as well.

Latest News

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Founder : Principal N.K.Patil


Mr. Kishor Yashwant Patil